tokenstreet is a public offer in Germany

The family office for everyone

tokenstreet offers unparalleled access to high-quality investment opportunities that were previously only available to the ultra wealthy.

How it works
We make possible what was impossible.

Our digital wealth platform provides access to a curated selection of private asset classes, starting with venture capital funds. We aim to grow and preserve the wealth of family offices, high net worth individuals and also retail investors. 

The Benefits

Accumulating Wealth.
Investing in private asset classes enables a long-term investment horizon that is insensitive to the volatility of the public markets.

Outperforming Public Markets.
Research shows that private equity funds, including venture capital funds of funds, generate net returns that can outperform the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 PMEs (public market equivalent).  

Derisking Wealth.
Reducing your overall risk exposure by diversifying investments across asset classes, sectors, geographies and fund managers. Diversification is crucial.

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"There are few teams with such outstanding potential as tokenstreet."
Gunnar Ebner - Executive Vice President at Capgemini

"Great Product. Excellently engineered."
Dr. Peter Ruppel - Vice President CODE University