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Target Investment Manager

We place a strong emphasis on the managers of our target investments. This means we look for managers who have a proven track record of being good stewards of their investors' capital, who invest in the manager's ability to better exploit future investment opportunities, and who successfully incorporate our investment criteria into their investments.

Selection strategy

Our analysis evaluates the investment strategy in terms of clarity, consistency, effectiveness and replicability. We only select funds whose target strategy is clear and which we believe have the potential to generate attractive returns.

Long-term relationships

tokenstreet invests not only in funds, but in long-term relationships with fund managers and their teams. We look for quality, continuity and alignment.

Track Record

We analyse the manager's returns in a variety of ways and compare them to peers. We look for consistent performance across economic cycles and a clear link to the fund's investment strategy.

Further conditions

There are a variety of terms and conditions that we consider when evaluating a fund. Among other things, we make sure that the terms are transparent and create a broad alignment of interests between the fund manager and the LPs.