Asset servicing

Implementation of a capital gains tax system for digital assets

Streamlined capital gains taxation

Our module efficiently handles complex capital gains tax requirements, integrating seamlessly with existing systems and ensuring compliance and ease through automation.

capital gains tax module

Our offering

Interface to the BZSt

Interface to Elster

Calculation logic for withholding of capital gains tax at SPV level

Consideration of tax exemptions

Notifications according to §45d EStG

Consideration of investor-specific deduction features

Project management incl. coordination with technical contact person

Smart contract compatible (future)

Automated processing of taxes

The KESt module automates the previously laborious settlement process and ensures compliance with all regulatory and tax laws.

Simple integration via API connection

Seamlessly integrate the KESt module into your existing tax processes using tokenstreet's API interface.

SaaS solution designed for the DLT infrastructure

tokenstreet's solution is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a DLT infrastructure and is compatible with stablecoin transactions.


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