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Establishment of investment vehicles, effortless communication with investors, and portfolio administration — all accessible from one place.

Investing made effective

Our white-label solution allows you to conserve time, money, and mental effort by removing outdated intermediaries, reducing regulatory burdens, and simplifying administrative processes.

1. Register quickly, within minutes.

Set up your online account and answer some questions to see if you meet the investment criteria.

2. Access private details of funds.

Explore funds, obtain documents, and analyze data to enhance your investment decision-making.

3. Digital subscription

Request allocations and sign documents digitally. We handle the administrative tasks on your behalf.

4. View automated cash flows and reports.

Utilize digital reports to examine the composition, performance, and cash flows of your portfolio.

Focus on your core business - let us handle the rest

Growing regulation has led to more complexity in fund management, resulting in outdated and inefficient processes.

With our end-to-end digital solution, we are reshaping the alternative investment experience to help asset managers increase operational efficiency and provide their investors with a seamless, intuitive experience throughout the lifecycle of their investment.

Enhanced Efficiency - Digitalizing processes minimizes errors and operator costs, leading to cost-efficient operations and making investment opportunities more appealing.

Streamlined Expertise - Automation and clearly defined processes reduce reliance on individual expertise by providing a unified information source for all stakeholders.

Investor-Centric Digitalization - By moving the investment process online, from onboarding to communication, we cater to modern investor needs, making the experience seamless and lowering entry barriers.

Regulatory Simplification - Our adaptable digital infrastructure ensures compliance with customer needs and regulatory demands, easing the burden of European market regulations and tax concerns for investors.

tokenstreet supports you
from start to finish with...

01 / Fund Setup

Digital vehicle creation - Establishing investment entities across numerous European regions.

Integrated bank services - Rapid establishment of bank accounts.

Legal documentation - Delivering legal papers approved by premier law firms.

02 / Fund Execution

Effortless investor onboarding - Facilitating digital KYC/AML verifications and secure data handling.

Instant process updates - Providing support through (co-)investor dashboards to keep stakeholders updated and assist as necessary.

03 / Fund Management

Accounting & tax reporting - Managing administration and ongoing reporting throughout the duration of your investment.

Portfolio management - Offering insights through comprehensive investment summaries across various asset types.

Task management - Supporting with dashboards that track all tasks associated with private investments.

Why tokenstreet?


Avg. cost saved by GPs


Better experience for LPs​


Saved time for compliance


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Do I need a license to launch a fund with tokenstreet?
tokenstreet will be the AIFM and manager of the fund, which means that you don’t have to!

The tokenstreet’s offer covers the risk management, portfolio management, fund administration, audit and (pre-)marketing of the fund, which means that you don’t have to worry about those.

No need to be authorized or registered as an AIFM, we take care of that.
Which services are included?
As a fund sponsor, when you launch your fund with tokenstreet, we take care of:

- Drafting the legal documentation, based on our standard tailored to your preferences (amount of carried interest, duration of the investment period, et):  save up to 150,000 euros of legal and tax fees
- Investor onboarding: collect your investors’ commitments on our platform and we do the rest (KYC/AML, signing of documentation, calculation of equalization fee, etc.)
- Investing in the deals you sourced and managing the payments and capital calls
- Valuation and audit of the fund
- Preparing reports to your investors based on the information your provide us
- Regulatory umbrella: tokenstreet is a registered EuVECA Manager, meaning that you don’t have to act as the fund’s AIFM.
What will be my role as a fund sponsor?
Your role will consist in:

- sending to tokenstreet all potentially interested investors
- sourcing the deal opportunities for the fund
- performing the due diligence on those deals (incl. financial and legal due diligence)
- having all investors relationship with the portfolio companies, and
- finding exit opportunities

In other words, you focus on the deals and we focus on the admin!
Where and to whom can the fund be marketed?
All tokenstreet’s funds can be marketed to both retail and professional investors residing in the European Union!

A minimum commitment of 100,000 euros is required for retail investors.
tokenstreet will take care of all regulatory and administrative requirements for such distribution.