Why tokenisation?

For more efficiency and more safety

tokenstreet converts fund units into digital tokens. The tokenisation of fund units automates processes and replaces superfluous intermediaries. The digital exchange of information makes processes more efficient and reduces the susceptibility to errors. This can reduce the one-off and ongoing costs of a fund by up to 40 %.

In addition, tokenisation enables easy transferability of LP shares at minimal transaction costs - without the need for a notary and with a T+0 settlement time.

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What is a tokenized fund share?
These are tokenised units in a special fund (pursuant to section 1 of the CryptoFAV) which is managed by a custodian. The tokenised fund units are held in custody in a wallet and the registrar of the crypto fund units is the custodian or another company commissioned by the custodian.
The difference between cryptocurrencies and security tokens
Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be used as a medium of exchange. Security tokens, on the other hand, are considered digital assets that are collateralised by real assets. Security tokens are subject to the provisions of securities laws and must be authorised by the supervisory authorities.
How sustainable is blockchain?
tokenstreet relies on the Polygon blockchain, which works with a Proof of Stake mechanism. Polygon's Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism consumes significantly less electricity compared to the Proof of Work mechanism. Polygon's validators consume around 0.00079 TWh of electricity per year with an approximate continuous consumption of 0.00009 GW, which is significantly lower than the energy consumption of large proof of work blockchain networks (Bitcoin or Litecoin).
How does tokenisation work?
A hash (digital fingerprint of a file) of the security or fund unit is stored in the smart contract that generates the token. This links the token to the rights of the financial instrument. The token is provided on the Polygon blockchain, which enables efficient and secure transfer of the shares.

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