SPV as service

Our issuing platform turns your investment ideas and trading strategies into investable and depositable securities, securitising securities without issuer risk and in compliance with investment, regulatory and tax requirements with the help of a customised issuing vehicle. tokenstreet takes care of the entire value creation process, starting with the product setup, administration and ongoing life cycle management.

Streamlined Outsourcing

Outsourcing the management of special purpose vehicles enhances efficiency, allowing companies to concentrate on core business areas. Expert teams manage all administrative tasks, reducing costs and optimizing resources.

Advanced Technology for Precision

Using cutting-edge technology improves data processing accuracy and reduces errors. This leads to faster, higher quality data analysis, crucial for strategic decisions.

Guaranteed Compliance by tokenstreet

tokenstreet ensures strict compliance with investment, regulatory, and tax laws, reducing legal risks and boosting confidence in investment processes.

Savings with Regulated Partners

Working with regulated partners cuts costs related to risk management and compliance personnel. This ensures adherence to industry standards without high internal expenses.

End-to-End SPV Service

Using customised issuance vehicles (SPVs), tokenstreet securitises assets on the blockchain while ensuring full compliance with investment, regulatory and tax requirements.

tokenstreet takes care of the entire value chain, including the processing of issues, ongoing accounting including annual financial statements, lifecycle management, investor management and the coordination of all parties involved.

Structuring of securities

Application ISIN / LEI number

Formation & administration of a special purpose vehicle

Support for issue

Investor management

Execution and monitoring of transactions

Calculation of distribution amounts

Administration of corporate actions

Communication with the financial supervisory authority

Listing agent (for connection to trading centres)

Extended tax service

ESG / SFDR service

Securitization initially involves grouping together liquid or illiquid assets (such as real estate, private equity, private debt, real assets, etc.) into specific units referred to as compartments. These are then issued as uniquely structured securities that can be stored in custody accounts. The securities issued by our securitization company can subsequently be assigned an ISIN, listed on an official stock exchange, rated, and then sold to potential investors. Under the German Securitisation Act, we can establish legally distinct assets, called compartments, which are independent from the securitization company and other compartments in terms of insolvency law.

Strong investor safeguards

  • Issuer risk is effectively eliminated, as each compartment functions as a separately secured and independent unit (ring-fenced).
  • If necessary, the securitization can be evaluated and rated by a rating agency.
  • Securities can be tailored to meet investor preferences, including interest rate, term, and other specifications.

Impartial handling

  • Tax neutrality is almost fully maintained at the compartment level.
  • All payments made by the compartment concerning the issued securities are entirely tax-deductible.
  • Compartments typically take advantage of multiple double taxation treaties established.

Straightforward implementation

  • The issuance process is typically completed within four weeks.
  • The securities issued can be listed on recognized stock exchanges.
  • The securities can be deposited and traded seamlessly. The entire process is centrally organized and tailored to the client's preferences.


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